Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have a Wonderful Summer

An official note from probably the worst blogger in history...last post being in January!!! What an awesome year! I can't believe it is summer and school is out! Just want to say thank you to Mrs. Murray and Ms. Tracy for being such great teachers and for all of their love and dedication to our children. I know that my child was in good hands every day that he was with you. We are "moving up" to 4th grade next year, and I have mixed emotions. It makes me sad to be leaving the comfort of our classroom, but excited for the new opportunities and challenges.

Mrs. Murray will need a room mom and as my last unofficial act, I want to send a word out in the only way I can to all that will be in her classroom next year. I have been co-room mom and room mom for 3 years. Don't be afraid to volunteer for this, unsure of the time involved. It is whatever you want it to be. It is, for the most part, staying in contact with the teachers (which you probably do anyway) and helping with scheduled activities. You can plan "extras" with the kids, time in the classroom (Red Plate Day...see right side of this page), field trips (but I did not even go on all of the trips last year), basically, whatever your time allows. Coordinating with other parents as well, because there are always others that want to help, but may not know how, or who to contact. Search your heart (and your schedule), you will never regret the time invested...and you will most likely fulfill all of your volunteer hours in your child's classroom! BONUS! Have a great summer, and if you are interested in being room mom and have questions, feel free to email me. I will keep my email posted for the next room mom to remove/replace with their own!

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