Monday, March 11, 2013

Kids Fest

Kids Fest will be here soon! Friday, April 19 will be here before we know it.

Some things to think about as we prepare....

1. Costumes: Boys: white shirt and navy pants. Girls: white blouse and navy skirt.  We have berets for them to wear!

2. Dessert: Our dessert this year will be chocolate mousse.  We'll need about 10 volunteers to bring in 20 - 30 mini servings of chocolate mousse in dixie or similar sized cup (1/2 a dixie cup = 1 mini serving).  If anyone has sample sized cups to send in let us know -- that would be even better!  We'll need one parent to bring in little spoons (300) and napkins (300).  Please sign up to bring mousse OR cake (cup cakes are great)!

3. Cake walk.  This year's cake walk will have French music!  If you're not bringing in chocolate mousse please bring in some cakes (any size -- including cup cakes is fine).

4. We'll have a little French activity/game for the children to complete and take home.

5. Volunteer the day of Kids Fest!  There will be a sign up sheet soon for helping in Mrs. Murray's room and in the main campus area.  We'll need volunteers for the kitchen, the serving line, the drink line, parking, clean up, and more.  Look for a volunteer sign up sheet to be posted soon.

Thank you!

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